The Not So Aviator Jacket

My aunty provided me with this suede jacket a couple of years ago and for no apparent reason, I haven't worn it until now. Seeming as the Aviator trend is big this winter, I thought it would be a great time for it to come out of hibernation. I know it is not quite "Aviator" with it being suede as well as it not having the shearling lining, however I have grown to be quite fond of it especially seeming as it is something different.

Suede Jacket - Zara

As it was two of my good friends 18th birthday this week (Faye - 25/11/10 & Safi - 26/11/10), this weekend we went on a late night drinking session in town. I opted for a more simplistic and casual look (very simplistic/casual look may I add) wearing a pair of skinny jeans that I altered from a pair of ridiculously long boot leg cut jeans, a baggy t-shirt, my wooden clogs, a tan coloured belt and my Burberry bag. Oh and of course I took my "Aviator" style jacket out too!

Baggy T-Shirt - Topshop
Altered Skinny Jeans - Zara
Tan Leather Belt - H&M
Black Wooden Clogs - Topshop

Happy 18th Birthday guys! xx

P.S. more photo's will be up of me wearing the "Aviator" style jacket soon, I just thought I should post this up now seeming as I haven't blogged for a good few days - many apologies!

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