Two Toned & Studded

To finally have these shoes as part of my wardrobe is such a relief. It has been a bit of a slow process from ordering them in the store (due to the only pair in my size being faulty) to actually having them delivered to my front door.
I personally think there is a smart element to them in addition to the fact that they are perfect for this season. The contrasting colours of the browns from light to dark is interesting especially because in some areas, the leather has been distressed giving off the vintage feel.
The leather also has different textures where the central area has more of a "suede" type feel and towards the toe and heel, it has been polished making it shinier. Although it may sound really wrong, I can reassure you that it is so right and the two finishes of the leather actually works well together even if the pictures say otherwise!
Oh, and how can I forget to mention the embellishment of the studs?! 

Aldo - £65

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