Okay, so remember that Solestruck/Matiko competition I posted few days ago?
Well...... it turns out that I have actually won myself a pair of Matiko shoes and I would like to thank Solestruck for giving me the opportunity to enter!
Unfortunately I managed to fall down the stairs out of excitement grazing my elbow on the way down as well as giving myself a dead leg but it's all cool because I am now a very happy bunny.

To read the rest of Solestruck's blog entry, click here.
(I apologise in advance for the cringey photo of me, I definitely think it's time to change it.) 


Smoking Hot

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The lingering smell, the smoke blowing into my face and the health issues related to smoking has always been a turn off but for some reason, these women seem to make it acceptable..


Matiko: Studded Loafers

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From the k-pop scene to fashionistas, studded loafers are currently hot on trend and now you can win your own pair courtesy of Matiko at Solestruck.

The competition ends on 29/12/10 so make sure you are quick to enter before the deadline!
All you have to do is comment on their blog by clicking here and let Solestruck know what you have planned for 2011.  The final step of the process is to leave them a wall post on their Facebook page explaining why you deserve a pair - it sounds simple right? Well that's because it is and don't worry, there are no catches either!

For those of you who are unlucky and don't manage to grab a free pair, British blog readers can purchase their own from Urban Outfitters but as they are on sale, they are selling like hot cakes so get clicking away!
American/International blog readers can purchase theirs from either here or here.

Good luck!


Christmas Wishlist

1. Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots
2. Alexander Wang sydney velvet backpack
3. Cheap Monday jeans
4. Topshop laddered jumper
5. The Scarlet Room button up shirt
6. Burberry cartridge belt
7. Fashionology cross ring, armour ring and claw ring
8. Urban Outfitters double cross ring


Shao-Yen Chen: Waver/Skin


The sheer number of talented young graduates churned out from Central Saint Martins (thanks to Louise Wilson) never ceases to amaze me and Shao-Yen Chen, one of the knitwear graduates is certainly no exception. 
There is no doubt that one of the key elements for success in such a competitive industry is innovation and his arduous experimentation has certainly paid off well. Using fine nylon threads, he creates volume packed onto cashmere and lycra where the delicate white strands are shaved into a bulbous formation which I find peculiar, yet harmonic.
What I enjoy of Shao-Yen's masterpieces is that he knows how to prevent his work from entering laughable territory. The density, the shape, the need to create curves; he knows how to make it work and I truly admire the thought and skill needed to pull off such a distinctive concept.  

Chen's second collection "Skin" which can be seen as more of a continuation of his first collection "Waver" introduces leather as a new material in addition to subtle hints of nude and blue.
This collection is a lot more wearable and playful and the overall volume has been reduced dramatically allowing the girl to flaunt her figure instead of being cocooned inside a heavy structure. Although the shaven shapes are still present, I find they highlight specific areas of the body on the dresses which can be seen below. 















Reviving Docs: Chloé '07

badly want these.

Patent leather, thick wedges and tie up laces.
What more could you want?


My Favourite Things

My favourite things: Freshly fallen snow on trees with orange lit skies, my ever so growing collection of denim jeans, heaps and heaps of magazines/books, my grandad's fashionable closet, vintage leather suitcases, Carvella "Shelly" boots for christmas, the "grenade" leather coin purse, Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots, Fashionology bird skull and nail necklaces, earcuffs, oversized tees and Chloé docs.


Many Apologies

Hey guys,
Seeming as my laptop has broken and needs fixing, unfortunately I won't be blogging as much from this day forward. From previous experiences, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for it to be repaired but due to the bad timing with it being Christmas (in addition to the weather), it may take longer so I would like to apologise in advance for the lack of activity in the following weeks.
I'll try to put a few posts up using various computers I access but I can't promise anything!

Many apologies,
Katie xx

UPDATE: Found out that it is going to take about 3-4 weeks :(


Urban Outfitters: Vintage Denim Cut Out Shirt

Back in November, I posted two images of of Hanneli Mustaparta wearing double denim. What caught my eye was her vintage denim cut out shirt and I am happy to announce (with many thanks to luluandyourmom for tweeting her latest buy) that blog readers can now purchase their own from Urban Outfitters! 
It is pretty much an exact replica of Hanneli's with the exception of a slight variation in colour seeming as it's from the urban renewal section.
It costs $48.00 (approx. £30) and because it's the american website, international shipping fees do apply.
 I personally think it is a good investment especially for next season!

Click here for a direct link to the site.
(Readers from the EU or any other country except from US need to click on the American Flag!)


Woodland Spirit

Via luluandyourmom

Harper's Bazaar UK September 2010
Model: Jessica Miller
Photographer: Maciek Kobielski
Stylist: Vanessa Coyle