Did You Just Say "Matiko"?

My Matiko shoes have been sitting in my bedroom for just over a week now where they have travelled all the way from America!! I was so excited to finally have them after a couple of weeks of waiting that I just had to tear open the box, especially to see what shoes I had as I was unable to choose due to limited stock/sizes. At first glance, I was quite disappointed with these shoes, partly because I was hoping for the studded loafers or a pair of wedges that I had been previously looking at, not to mention that they weren't really my "style". But slowly and surely, they have started to grow on me and I can totally reassure you that they look soooo much better when they are actually on. Besides, I can't complain. I won them. :)
Anyway, I would like to thank Solestruck and Matiko for the great opportunity and I would definitely recommend you to visit their websites!
Thank you once again!


Boys of Milan

One of my all time favourite bloggers is Tommy Ton, founder of the Jak&Jil blog. Instead of focusing on the whole body where the clothes can actually get lost in translation amongst the models, I love how he focuses on the actual clothes, detailing and the accessories. His latest blog post, where he has collaborated with Justin Wu on the video "Boys of Milan" was a post that I just had to share seeming as attractive men and fashion is possibly the best combination ever, don't you think?!

P.s. hopefully I will have photos up of the Matiko shoes I received soon..


Leopard x Snake

Finding my interview outfit was probably one of the most stressful things I have done for a while now which is not exam related. There were so many questions to ask in so little time: Should I go smart or casual? Should I wear loud colours/patterns to stand out? Heels or flats? 
I hate it when you purchase something online and you wait patiently for the postman to arrive every morning and when he does - along with the package, the excitement is so unbearable you have to rip the package open and try it on. It's so disappointing when the clothes tell a different story to what you have seen in photos and it's even worse when it happens to you twice in the same day. It's kind of annoying how models can make every piece of clothing look so good. Anyway, I managed to throw this outfit together last minute; smart yet......chic?

Nude sheer shirt - Topshop
Hareem trousers - Topshop
Wedges - Kimchi Blue @ Urban Outfitters
Leopard print belt - Urban Outfitters
Snake skin bag - Mum's
Rings - H&M, Urban Outfitters, Topshop


Noble Farewell

Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

"We would tell him something was technically impossible—and in the morning there would be something amazing on the mannequin, even if he had to work all night to achieve it." - Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander Mcqueen
Vogue US, July 2010
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Stylist: Grace Coddington
Hair: Guido
Make-up: Diane Kendal
Model(s): Irina Kulikova
                Tanya Dziahileva
                Raquel Zimmermann
                Karlie Kloss
                Frida Gustavvson


OPI: Black Shatter

Source: WanderLust

Katy Perry has collaborated with OPI for their new collection of nail varnish and I simply can't get enough of it! It is clear that the range (which can be seen below) has been inspired by her "California Girls" music video with colours ranging from electric glitzy blues to a dreamy icing frost pink.  
However, the breakout hit of the collection is sure to be 'Black Shatter': the innovative topcoat which once applied, creates a cracked/leopard print pattern.
So girls, you can stop slaving away over your nails to make them all funky because technology (with a bit of added science) has once again, worked its magic!

OPI Katy Perry Collection.jpg

The collection has already been released in America and unfortunately, us Brits have still got a couple of weeks (rough estimate from research) to go until we are able to get our hands on them. In the mean time, you can purchase "Barry M's" similar version of the nail polish for a bargain price of £3.99 in your nearest Superdrug store!


Kill It, Skin It, Wear It.

The importance of where food is sourced always amazes me. Over the past few years, many renowned chefs and celebrities including Gordon Ramsey, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Janet Street Porter have all advertised the brutal nature of intensive farming strategies to produce cheap meat for the public consumption.
Nowadays, there is no surprise that people make the extra effort to either buy free range or organic produce as it is seen as the better choice, both socially and health wise. However, my question is why do we automatically disregard these issues when it is related to the world of fashion?

If you haven't already have guessed it by now, this post is about...
Fur: possibly the most controversial topic that can be discussed in today's society.
Having a great interest in documentaries (as nerdy/sad as that seems), today I watched the "Kill It, Skin It, Wear It" documentary where any person who watches this graphic programme would be appalled by the fur industry - but of course, that's the message it's trying to get across right?

With this rapidly growing industry, the demand for cheap fur is increasing dramatically and it is now estimated that over half of the world's fur comes from intensive farms in China. As you can imagine, the conditions the animals have to survive in are extremely poor. Thousands of animals such as foxes cramped together, pacing around in circles as they have less than a square metre to survive in. Clearly, the animals are in severe distress. It is so severe that it caused one fox to chew off its own flesh leaving the bone exposed on its front leg. Honestly, if you think that is bad, the actual slaughter process is far more worse: being skinned alive, people jumping on Raccoon Dogs necks to kill them, being left for dead.
The sad thing is, it's happening in China, Russia, Finland, Canada and many more countries across the world.

By all means, this doesn't mean that the whole industry produces all of it's fur unethically.
As seen in the documentary, fur can be ethical. In Denmark, a fur farm visited by Merrilees Parker in the documentary shows a strategy where they gas the animal in carbon dioxide - a more humane way.
Not only that, but some of the animals trapped are seen as rodents which may impose a health hazard; similar to the rat population in the UK. It just so happens that the fur can be used for by-products like leather is produced from cows.

Wanting to become successful in the world of fashion, I think it extremely important for me to beware of such issues because it is clear that there are definitely pros and cons to every industry. Just as I said in my last "awareness" post, I believe that stepping into a world in which I have great interest in and being oblivious of the consequences of it is arrogant and unacceptable.

My first and foremost aim of this post is to create awareness because I find that too many people overlook these issues.
Spread the word.

To watch "Kill It, Skin It, Wear It", click here.


Diamonds Are Forever

One day whilst I was still in reception, I stole all of my mother's jewellery: gold bracelets, diamonds and sapphires rings - you name it. I didn't just steal it though, I handed it out to my classmates as "gifts". And so you ask why? Well, I purely done it so I could become the most popular girl in my class!
It's funny because when I look back on it now, I can't help but crack a smile and laugh out of embarrassment. It was such a long time ago I can hardly remember it but thankfully, I don't have to steal any more because I have recently built up my own little collection of jewels.
Of course they're not diamond encrusted rings and emerald necklaces but this will do me fine for now and I treasure each and every piece - in fact, I received two more rings in the post today!

Oh and don't worry about my mother's jewellery because they're all safely back where they belong - she had to knock on everyone's door to retrieve them! Ha!

Bird skull & claw necklace - Fashionology
Ear cuff - Fashionology
Double cross, single cross & over the knuckle ring - Urban Outfitters
Bangle/Bracelet - Tiffany & Co


My Current Life

For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been blogging as much for the simple reason of..... revision!
I have major exams coming up which actually begin next week (14/01/11) so my life currently revolves around education especially seeming as I need to do well this year to get into university.
Sadly, if i'm not revising, i'm doing art coursework and if i'm not doing art coursework, i'm preparing for interviews!
What a great way to start the new year, right?