Rani Jones

When I think "ethical fashion", I automatically think simple, plain and boring.
I have purchased many organic clothes ranging from monotone t-shirts to printed vests from various stores. Unfortunately, the experience I have had has not been satisfying at all. The appearance and quality are way below standard as designing simple t-shirts is hardly being innovative. Although these stores may be setting a good example, it is arguable that they are degrading ethical fashion due to the sheer lack of design.

However, thanks to design duo Rani Patel and Lucy Jones, we don't have to worry about these problems any more - well, I certainly don't have to! The young designers tick all the boxes when it comes to social responsibility, eco fabrics and ethical business practice as well as making sure they recycle everything in their studio, minimising waste.

Drawing inspiration from geometry and brutalist architecture, they have based their collections on strong shapes and clean lines adding a modern twist to once renowned characterless "green" clothes. From panelled dresses in eye popping brights, jackets with samurai-style shoulders and layered macs, there is no doubt that the label "Rani Jones" has proved that luxury fashion can be environmentally friendly.

Rani Jones

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