The City That Never Sleeps

Returning home from London is always depressing. Before the past couple of days, I hadn't been to London properly for a long time and I can truly say that I have had an amazing time with my sister.
Thursday evening was spent dining in Soho at El Cantara where I was pulled up for a bit of belly dancing in front of the whole restaurant - fun but definitely embarrassing! After tucking in to some tapas, we headed towards Leicester Square where we explored the streets of London during the night time. I just couldn't get enough of the hustle and bustle of the city and it's a shame that we couldn't have stayed out later into the night. Nonetheless, my mojito back at the hotel bar was pretty damn good!
Friday morning was stressful as we were rushing around the underground in overcrowded tubes to get to London College of Fashion. Our afternoon was then spent in Harrods drooling over the luxury brands and playing with little french bulldogs, shopping at Oxford Circus and then visiting the London Bridge experience. We ended the night back in Soho, where I spotted a Kokon To Zai store and bought myself a wonderful eccentric dress and then had the nicest Thai food ever at @Siam.
People always say how horrible the people are in London, but that stereotype is so wrong (with the exception of some in the tubes). I met soo many nice and friendly people down there and it's just a shame that I couldn't get to know them better. Honestly, I wished I lived in London..

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