Happy Chinese New Year/Kung Hei Fat Choi!
It's a tradition for my family to have a huge feast on Chinese New Year. We normally celebrate with extravagant food such as lobster and sea bass where on the weekend, we enjoy a hot pot filled with scallops, steak, king prawns.. you name it. This year, I asked my father what our "feast" was going to consist of and he said he was going to spoil us with lobster so when numerous people asked me about my plans for the new year, I repeated the information I had previously heard. Unfortunately, my joker of a father lied and now it's going to be pretty embarrassing to tell people! Nonetheless, I still had a wonderful meal with my family where I had pork/bamboo soup, king prawns, chicken, sea bass and pak choi!
To top it off, I received a couple of "lucky red bags" which I'm extremely pleased about!

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